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J.J. Cale: Unraveling the Legend

J.J. Cale was a renowned American singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Born on December 5, 1938, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, he gained immense popularity for his distinctive blend of blues, rock, and country music. Cale was best known for his hits like “After Midnight” and “Cocaine,” which exemplified his laid-back musical style and soulful vocals. With his contributions to the music world, J.J. Cale became a revered figure and left an indelible mark on the industry.


Name J.J. Cale
Date of Birth December 5, 1938
Date of Death July 26, 2013
Nationality American
Occupation Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter
Influence Neil Young, Mark Knopfler, Waylon Jennings, Eric Clapton
Genre Tulsa Sound (Blues, Rockabilly, Country, Jazz)
Awards Grammy Award (2008) for the album “The Road to Escondido” (with Eric Clapton)

Early Life

J.J. Cale, born John Weldon Cale, was born on December 5, 1938, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he developed a passion for music at an early age. In his late teens, Cale moved to Los Angeles in search of better opportunities in the music industry. However, he soon returned to Tulsa, where he continued to refine his musical style and hone his skills as a singer-songwriter. Ultimately, his unique blend of blues, rock, and folk would pave the way for his successful career as a musician.


J.J. Cale
Parents Siblings
John Wesley Cale Sr. N/A
Carrie Cale N/A
J.J. Cale’s parents were John Wesley Cale Sr. and Carrie Cale. Unfortunately, there is limited information available about his siblings, if he had any. J.J. Cale, born as John Weldon Cale on December 5, 1938, was a renowned American singer-songwriter and musician. He is best known for his laid-back style of music, often blending elements of rock, blues, and country. Cale’s unique sound and talented songwriting have left a lasting impact on the music industry.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

Measurement Value
Height 5’8″ (173 cm)
Weight 160 lbs (73 kg)
Chest 40 inches
Waist 32 inches
Hip 38 inches

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

J.J. Cale has had the following relationships:

Type Name Start Date End Date
Wife Christine Lakeland 1987 2001 (his death)

According to public records, J.J. Cale was married to Christine Lakeland from 1987 until his passing in 2001. They had a strong and loving relationship throughout their years together.

Career, Achievements And Controversies

J.J. Cale – Career, Achievements, and Controversies

J.J. Cale was an American singer-songwriter and musician known for his laid-back style of music which combined elements of blues, rock, and country. His career began in the 1960s, but he gained widespread recognition in the 1970s with the release of his albums “Naturally” (1972) and “Okie” (1974).

Cale’s unique blend of blues and rock, characterized by his relaxed vocals and intricate guitar playing, earned him a dedicated following and influenced numerous musicians. He was a master of creating a mellow, groovy sound that became his signature style.

J.J. Cale’s most famous composition is undoubtedly the song “Cocaine,” which was later famously covered by Eric Clapton. His other notable works include “After Midnight,” “Call Me the Breeze,” and “Magnolia.”

Cale’s music had a significant impact on the music industry, particularly in the genre of blues and rock. He is considered an influential figure in the development of the Tulsa Sound, a type of music characterized by its laid-back and stripped-down approach.

Throughout his career, J.J. Cale received critical acclaim and recognition for his contributions to music. Although he didn’t achieve mainstream success, he garnered a loyal fan base and earned the respect of his peers in the industry. Cale’s achievements include:

  • Induction into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in 1997
  • Recognition as a legendary songwriter by the Nashville Songwriters Association International

There were no significant controversies surrounding J.J. Cale throughout his career. He was known for being a private and humble individual, focusing primarily on his music rather than seeking attention or getting involved in controversies.


J.J. Cale FAQs

Q: Who Is J.j. Cale?

A: J.J. Cale, also known as John Weldon Cale, was an American singer-songwriter and musician. He was known for his influential and laid-back style of music, blending elements of blues, rock, and country.

Q: When Was J.j. Cale Born?

A: J.J. Cale was born on December 5, 1938.

Q: When Did J.j. Cale Pass Away?

A: J.J. Cale passed away on July 26, 2013, at the age of 74.

Q: What Are Some Of J.j. Cale’s Most Popular Songs?

A: Some of J.J. Cale’s most popular songs include “After Midnight,” “Cocaine,” “Call Me the Breeze,” “Magnolia,” and “Sensitive Kind,” among others.

Q: Did J.j. Cale Collaborate With Other Musicians?

A: Yes, J.J. Cale collaborated with various musicians throughout his career. One notable collaboration was with Eric Clapton, resulting in the successful album “The Road to Escondido” in 2006.

Q: Was J.j. Cale Inducted Into Any Music Halls Of Fame?

A: Yes, J.J. Cale was inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in 1996.

Q: What Is J.j. Cale’s Musical Style?

A: J.J. Cale’s musical style can be described as a blend of blues, rock, and country, often featuring relaxed and understated vocals.

Q: Can I Still Listen To J.j. Cale’s Music?

A: Absolutely! J.J. Cale’s music is still available for streaming, purchase, and enjoyment. His timeless songs continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

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