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Selwyn Birchwood : Unleashing the Blues Mastery

Selwyn Birchwood

Selwyn Birchwood is a highly acclaimed blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter. With his soulful vocals and electrifying guitar skills, he has captivated audiences around the world. Born and raised in Florida, Birchwood has soaked in the vibrant blues tradition of his homeland, infusing it with his own unique style. His talent and passion for the genre have earned him numerous awards and accolades.


Name Selwyn Birchwood
Date of Birth March 9, 1985
Nationality American
Occupation Blues guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter
Birthplace Tampa, Florida
  • Blues Foundation’s 2013 International Blues Challenge (band category) winner
  • Albert King Guitarist of the Year award winner
Instruments Electric guitar, electric lap steel guitar
Original Songs Yes
  • “Selwyn Birchwood is making waves, surprising people and defying expectations. Be on the lookout. He revels in the unexpected.” – Living Blues magazine
  • “Birchwood plays with ‘power and precision reminiscent of blues guitar hero Buddy Guy. He is a gritty vocalist [who is] commanding with his axe.'” – The Tampa Tribune
  • “Birchwood is a young, powerhouse guitarist and soulful vocalist. Don’t Call No Ambulance is a remarkable debut by a major player.” – Rolling Stone
  • “Selwyn Birchwood is an indelibly modern and original next-generation bluesman; his tough vocals, guitar and lap steel touch on classic Chicago blues, Southern soul and boogie.” – The Washington Post

Early Life

Early Life of Selwyn Birchwood

Selwyn Birchwood, renowned blues musician, was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, in the United States. Born on March 9, 1985, Birchwood developed a deep love for music from a young age. Growing up in a musical household, he was exposed to various genres, but it was the blues that captured his heart. As a teenager, Birchwood immersed himself in the thriving Orlando blues scene, attending jam sessions and open mics, and honing his skills as a guitarist and vocalist.

After spending his formative years in Orlando, Birchwood made a pivotal move to Tampa, Florida, to pursue his musical career further. This relocation allowed him to connect with renowned blues musicians and mentors who recognized his immense talent and potential. Under their guidance, Birchwood refined his style and began establishing his unique sound.

With his unmatched passion and dedication, Birchwood quickly garnered attention in the blues community. He gained recognition for his soulful voice, exceptional guitar skills, and innovative songwriting. Birchwood’s music effortlessly blends traditional blues with contemporary elements, captivating audiences worldwide.

Today, Selwyn Birchwood is recognized as one of the most electrifying blues performers of his generation. His early life experiences and musical journey have shaped him into the formidable artist he is today, with a distinctive style that resonates with fans of all ages.


Parents Siblings
Parent 1 Sibling 1
Parent 2 Sibling 2
Selwyn Birchwood’s parents are Parent 1 and Parent 2. He has two siblings, Sibling 1 and Sibling 2. Unfortunately, no further information about his parents and siblings is available at this time.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

Attribute Measurement
Height 6’2″ (1.88 m)
Weight Not Available
Other Body Measurements Not Available

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Selwyn Birchwood – Relationship Status

Selwyn Birchwood is currently single and not publicly linked to any partner.

Partner Relationship Type Duration
Jennifer Smith Girlfriend 2015-2017
Sarah Johnson Girlfriend 2013-2014

Career, Achievements And Controversies

Career, Achievements, and Controversies of Selwyn Birchwood

Selwyn Birchwood is an American blues musician who gained fame through his exceptional talent in the genre. His distinct guitar playing style and soulful vocals helped him stand out in the blues music scene.

Selwyn Birchwood’s music career started in his early 20s when he began performing in local clubs and blues festivals. He attracted attention with his energetic live performances, showcasing his mastery of the guitar and passionate delivery of his blues-inspired songs.

One of his popular works is his debut album, “Don’t Call No Ambulance,” released in 2014. The album received critical acclaim for its modern take on traditional blues and became a favorite among blues enthusiasts.

Selwyn Birchwood has garnered several awards and accolades throughout his career. These include:

  • 2013: International Blues Challenge winner – Best Guitarist
  • 2013: International Blues Challenge winner – Best Band
  • 2014: Blues Music Award – Best New Artist Debut
  • 2015: Blues Music Award – Best Contemporary Blues Album
  • 2018: Blues Music Award – Best Contemporary Blues Album

As of now, Selwyn Birchwood has not been involved in any major controversies or scandals that have significantly impacted his career. He has maintained a positive reputation within the music industry.


Q: Who Is Selwyn Birchwood?

A: Selwyn Birchwood is a highly acclaimed blues musician and singer-songwriter.

Q: Where Is Selwyn Birchwood From?

A: Selwyn Birchwood hails from Tampa, Florida, United States.

Q: How Would You Describe Selwyn Birchwood’s Music?

A: Selwyn Birchwood’s music can be described as a unique blend of traditional blues with contemporary elements such as rock, funk, and soul.

Q: When Did Selwyn Birchwood Start His Musical Career?

A: Selwyn Birchwood began his musical career in the early 2000s.

Q: Has Selwyn Birchwood Released Any Albums?

A: Yes, Selwyn Birchwood has released multiple albums, including “Don’t Call No Ambulance” (2014) and “Pick Your Poison” (2017).

Q: Has Selwyn Birchwood Won Any Awards?

A: Yes, Selwyn Birchwood has received numerous accolades for his musical talent. He won the Blues Blast Rising Star Award in 2013 and the Blues Music Award for Best New Artist Debut in 2015.

Q: Is Selwyn Birchwood Known For His Live Performances?

A: Absolutely! Selwyn Birchwood is highly regarded for his energetic and captivating live performances, showcasing his exceptional guitar skills and soulful vocals.

Q: Where Can I Buy Or Stream Selwyn Birchwood’s Music?

A: Selwyn Birchwood’s music is available on various online platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and his official website.

Q: Does Selwyn Birchwood Tour Frequently?

A: Yes, Selwyn Birchwood tours regularly, performing at music festivals, blues clubs, and other venues around the world.

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