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Susan Tedeschi : The Guitar Goddess of Blues

Susan Tedeschi

Susan Tedeschi

Susan Tedeschi is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist known for her powerful vocals and bluesy style. With a career spanning over two decades, she has won multiple awards, including a Grammy for Best Blues Album. Tedeschi’s soulful performances and captivating stage presence have made her a respected figure in the world of blues and roots rock music.


Name Susan Tedeschi
Date of Birth November 9, 1970
Nationality American
Profession Singer and guitarist
Awards Multiple Grammy Award nominee
Band Tedeschi Trucks Band
Band Description A conglomeration of Susan Tedeschi’s band, her husband Derek Trucks’ band, and other musicians

Early Life

Susan Tedeschi was born on November 9, 1970, in Boston, Massachusetts. She was raised in a musical family, with her father being a multi-instrumentalist and her mother a singer. Growing up, Susan developed a deep passion for music and began playing guitar at a young age. In her teenage years, she moved to Florida with her family, where she continued to nurture her musical talents and hone her skills as a singer-songwriter. It was during this time that Susan discovered her love for blues music and was heavily influenced by the likes of iconic blues artists such as Buddy Guy and Otis Rush. Her move to Florida marked the beginning of her journey towards becoming a renowned blues musician and singer.


Family Member Name Information
Parents John Tedeschi John Tedeschi is the father of Susan Tedeschi. He is a musician and has influenced Susan’s musical career from a young age.
Siblings Jay Tedeschi Jay Tedeschi is the brother of Susan Tedeschi. He is also a musician and has collaborated with Susan on several musical projects.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

Attribute Measurement
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight Not available
Bust Not available
Waist Not available
Hip Not available

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Susan Tedeschi’s Relationships

Wife Details: Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks have been married since 2001. They are both accomplished musicians and have often collaborated on music projects together.

Name Relationship Type

Career, Achievements And Controversies

Career and Controversies of Susan Tedeschi

Susan Tedeschi is an American blues and soul singer and guitarist. She became famous for her powerful vocals and impressive guitar skills, which captivated audiences around the world. Through her talent and dedication, she quickly gained recognition in the music industry.

Susan Tedeschi started her career by performing in local bands and honing her skills as a guitarist and vocalist. In 1998, she released her debut album “Just Won’t Burn,” which received critical acclaim and helped propel her into the spotlight.

Some of her popular works include:

  • Song: “It Hurt So Bad”
  • Album: “Back to the River”
  • Collaborations with renowned musicians like Derek Trucks
  • Live performances at major music festivals and events

Susan Tedeschi’s talent and artistry have been recognized with numerous awards. Some of the notable accolades she has received include:

  • Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album
  • Blues Music Award for Best Contemporary Female Blues Artist
  • WC Handy Blues Music Award for Best New Artist Debut
  • Multiple nominations and honors from various music organizations

As a public figure, Susan Tedeschi has not been involved in significant controversies or scandals throughout her career. She has maintained a positive image and reputation in the music industry.


Susan Tedeschi FAQs

Susan Tedeschi is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist. She is known for her soulful blues and roots rock music.

Susan Tedeschi’s musical style can be described as a blend of blues, soul, and rock. She incorporates elements of traditional blues with modern influences, delivering powerful and emotional performances.

Susan Tedeschi began her music career in the early 1990s when she formed the Susan Tedeschi Band. She released her debut album, “Just Won’t Burn,” in 1998, which gained critical acclaim and established her as a rising talent in the blues genre.

Yes, Susan Tedeschi has received several awards throughout her career. She has won multiple Blues Music Awards, including the coveted “Blues Female Artist of the Year” award. She has also been nominated for Grammy Awards for her albums and performances.

Yes, Susan Tedeschi has collaborated with various artists over the years. She is married to guitarist Derek Trucks, and they often perform together as the Tedeschi Trucks Band. Additionally, she has shared the stage with musicians such as B.B. King, Buddy Guy, and Herbie Hancock.

Some popular songs by Susan Tedeschi include “It Hurt So Bad,” “Angel from Montgomery,” “Midnight in Harlem,” and “Just Won’t Burn.” These songs showcase her powerful vocals and impressive guitar skills.

Yes, Susan Tedeschi is still actively performing and releasing music. She continues to tour with the Tedeschi Trucks Band and collaborate with other musicians. Her passion for music remains strong, and she continues to captivate audiences with her talent.

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