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Freddie King Ruling the Blues Scene: The Legend of Freddie King

Freddie King

Freddie King, born on September 3, 1934, was an influential American blues guitarist and singer. Known for his powerful guitar playing and soulful vocals, King made a significant impact on the blues genre in the 1960s and 1970s. He was often referred to as the “Texas Cannonball” and remains a beloved figure in the history of blues music.


Name Freddie King
Date of Birth September 3, 1934
Date of Death December 28, 1976
Nationality American
Occupation Blues guitarist, singer, songwriter
Known For One of the “Three Kings of the Blues Guitar”
Influence Major influence on electric blues music and later blues guitarists
Birthplace Gilmer, Texas
Record Labels Federal Records, Chess Records
Notable Songs “Hide Away”, “Have You Ever Loved a Woman”, “You’ve Got to Love Her with a Feeling”, “I’m Tore Down”
Awards Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2012), Blues Hall of Fame (1982)
Ranking 19th on Rolling Stone magazine’s 2023 edition of 250 greatest guitarists of all time

Early Life

Freddie King was born on September 3, 1934, in Gilmer, Texas. He was raised in a musical family where his father and uncle played the guitar. At a young age, Freddie learned to play the guitar and quickly developed his own unique style. In the early 1950s, he moved to Chicago, a city known for its vibrant blues scene, where he hoped to further his music career. It was in Chicago that Freddie honed his skills and emerged as a talented blues guitarist, earning him the nickname “The Texas Cannonball.” His early years in Texas and eventual move to Chicago greatly shaped his musical journey and contributed to his legendary status in the blues genre.


Name Relation Information
Parents Mother Name of mother is Ella Mae King
Father Name of father is J.T. Christian
Siblings Brother Name of brother is Benny Turner
Sister Name of sister is Jessie Turner

Freddie King’s mother is Ella Mae King and his father is J.T. Christian. He has a brother named Benny Turner and a sister named Jessie Turner.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

Measurement Value
Height 6 ft 0 in
Weight 180 lbs
Chest 42 in
Waist 34 in
Hip 40 in

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Freddie King was known to have multiple relationships throughout his life. Here are some details about his significant relationships:

Add more rows for other partners if needed

Partner Relationship Period
Wife/Girlfriend 1 Year-Year
Wife/Girlfriend 2 Year-Year

As for Freddie King’s current relationship status, it is not publicly available.

Previous relationship details of Freddie King are not widely documented.

Career, Achievements And Controversies

Freddie King – Career, Achievements, and Controversies

Freddie King was an American blues guitarist and singer who became a highly influential figure in the blues music scene. He was born on September 3, 1934, in Gilmer, Texas. King’s career began at a young age, and he started playing guitar at the age of six. He honed his skills playing in local Texas clubs and eventually gained recognition for his unique blend of blues, soul, and rock styles.

Throughout his career, Freddie King released numerous successful albums and singles. Some of his most popular works include “Hide Away,” “Lonesome Whistle Blues,” “Have You Ever Loved a Woman,” and “Going Down.” His guitar playing, characterized by powerful riffs and intense solos, left a lasting impact on the blues genre and influenced many other musicians.

Freddie King received several notable awards for his contributions to music. In 2012, he was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as an Early Influence inductee. Additionally, he was recognized with a Blues Music Award for “Best Traditional Blues Album” in 2020 for his recorded album “The Mojo! King Rarities Collection.”

Like many musicians, Freddie King faced controversies throughout his career. Some of the controversies associated with him include:

1. Plagiarism Accusations:

Some critics accused King of borrowing heavily from other musicians and not giving proper credit. However, like many blues artists, King often put his unique spin on existing songs, which is a common practice in the blues genre.

2. Substance Abuse Problems:

King battled substance abuse issues throughout his life, which impacted his health and performances. However, he continued to create music and perform, despite the challenges he faced.

3. Financial Struggles:

Due to mismanagement and contract disputes, Freddie King experienced financial difficulties during his career. This led to legal battles and strained relationships with record labels, affecting his ability to fully benefit from his musical success.

Despite these controversies, Freddie King’s talent and contributions to music continue to be celebrated and recognized, cementing his legacy as a blues icon.


Freddie King FAQs

A: Freddie King, born on September 3, 1934, was an influential American blues guitarist and singer. He is often referred to as “The Texas Cannonball” and was known for his powerful voice and dynamic guitar playing. King played a significant role in the development of electric blues and had a major impact on subsequent generations of musicians.

A: Freddie King had several popular songs during his career. Some of his most well-known tracks include “Hide Away,” “Have You Ever Loved A Woman,” “The Stumble,” “Going Down,” and “I’m Tore Down.” These songs showcase his exceptional guitar skills and soulful vocals.

A: Freddie King was primarily associated with the blues genre. He played a mix of electric blues, Texas blues, and soul-blues. His distinctive style incorporated elements of blues, rock, and R&B, making his music unique and appealing to a wide audience.

A: Freddie King played a crucial role in expanding the popularity and influence of blues music. His innovative guitar techniques, such as his aggressive picking and use of vibrato, set new standards for aspiring blues guitarists. King’s energetic stage presence and soulful vocals also captivated audiences, making him a beloved figure in the blues community.

A: Freddie King’s legacy is undeniable. He was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 1980 and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012. His impact on the blues, and the music industry as a whole, continues to be felt today. Many guitarists credit him as a major influence on their playing style, and his recordings still inspire countless musicians around the world.

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